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Heritage HappeningsHeritage Happenings

A rich source of information and pictures about the history of Acton from its beginnings through the 1950s.
Visual Language CookbookVisual Language Cookbook

by Gayle Joyce and Laurene Gallimore Each step to every recipe is shown in pictures. Even the utensils and ingredients needed are pictured and labeled. Eight full-color pages display full meals with correct table settings. Everyone can see the dish and how it should look every step of the way to completion. It is a special cookbook recommended for children, immigrant homemakers, newlyweds and those in learning disability classes. The recipes come from all over America and are grouped into convenient sections.
Talk With Me: Communication With The Multi-Handicapped DeafTalk With Me: Communication With The Multi-Handicapped Deaf

by Jeanne Huffman et al
Stresses total communication - 400 sign vocabulary and pages of learning activities tested to be appropriate for multi-handicapped deaf in state hospitals. Conveniently divided into 14 chapters.
Leisure Time Activities (American Sign Language)Leisure Time Activities (American Sign Language)

by Jeanne Huffman et al Although activities for "Meal Time", "Grooming", and "Dressing" are included, this comprehensive handbook concentrates primarily on leisure time activities for the deaf-blind child. Directions for teachers and parents are well organized with a list of objectives and materials for each activity. A basic sign vocabulary of 79 most used signs makes this complete.
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