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Leisure Time Activities (American Sign Language)

by Jeanne Huffman et al Although activities for "Meal Time", "Grooming", and "Dressing" are included, this comprehensive handbook concentrates primarily on leisure time activities for the deaf-blind child. Directions for teachers and parents are well organized with a list of objectives and materials for each activity. A basic sign vocabulary of 79 most used signs makes this complete.

  The American Sign Language Alphabet
  Asking For The Bib
  Body Painting
  Brushing Teeth
  Busy Surprise Box
  Buttering Bread
  Buzzer Board
  Clothes Pin Clamping
  Color Circles
  Combing Hair
  Creative Blocks
  Drum Rhythms
  Eating Movement
  Egg Shell Pictures
  Felt Puzzles
  Equipment Glossary
  Finger Foods
  Following A Beam Of Light
  Following Rope
  Food Sign At Mealtime
  Free Pasting
  Fun Box
  Going On A Trip
  Grooming, Baby Powder
  Group Grope
  Imitation Of Rhythm Beat On Drum
  Introduction And Ingredients For Success
  Introduction Of Animals
  Jar Lid
  Latch Frames
  Magic Box
  Magic Window
  Matching Picture With Object
  Moving Lips
  Nested Hardwood Cube
  Newspaper Play
  Nuts And Bolts
  Objects In And Out
  Open A Cottage Cheese Container
  Paper Mosiac
  Paper Weaving
  Parallel Play
  Patty Cakes
  Pedaling Tricycle
  Peg Board
  Placing And Pasting
  Put On Sock
  Putting A Block In A Can
  Roll A Pin
  Rice Mosaics
  Scissors Manipulation
  Serves Self
  Shake And Sort
  Shopping Bag Face
  Sign For Candy
  Sign For Milk
  Sign For No
  Sign For Water
  Snap On Pants
  Sound Equipment
  Swinging In A Blanket
  Stringing Wooden Beads
  Talking Balloons
  Tong Pick Up
  Toliet Training
  Tracing Tray
  Turn Off The Faucet
  Vegetables For Salads
  Water Pillow
  Watering Plants
  Wax Play
  Zipper On Pants

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