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Talk With Me: Communication With The Multi-Handicapped Deaf

Includes 14 Chapters
+ Practice & Activities

by Jeanne Huffman et al
Stresses total communication - 400 sign vocabulary and pages of learning activities tested to be appropriate for multi-handicapped deaf in state hospitals. Conveniently divided into 14 chapters.

  Chapter 1 - Self, Family, And Friends
  Chapter 2- Emotions And Feelingsd Numbers
  Chapter 3- What We Do
  Chapter 4- Body Parts
  Chapter 5- Colors And Numbers
  Chapter 6 -Clothing
  Chapter 7 -Grooming
  Chapter 8 - At The Table
  Chapter 9 - Around The House
  Capter 10 - Where We are
  Chapter 11- Time
  Chapter 12- Daily Living
  Chapter 13- Animals
  Chapter 14- Transportation
  Practice Makes Perfect
  Bonus Activity: Color Game
  Bonus Activity: Cooking Lessons
  Bonus Activity: Improving Visual Memory
  Bonus Activity: Numbers
  Bonus Activity: Self-Awareness And Family

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