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Visual Language Cookbook

by Gayle Joyce and Laurene Gallimore Each step to every recipe is shown in pictures. Even the utensils and ingredients needed are pictured and labeled. Eight full-color pages display full meals with correct table settings. Everyone can see the dish and how it should look every step of the way to completion. It is a special cookbook recommended for children, immigrant homemakers, newlyweds and those in learning disability classes. The recipes come from all over America and are grouped into convenient sections.

  12 Season Butter Bread
  14 Karat Cake
  500 Year Old Cookies
  Almond Cottage Cheese Casserole
  Amazing Coconut Pie
  Baked Steak
  Banana-Nut Bread
  Banana Supershake
  Bran Muffins
  Broccoli Casserole
  Broccoli Peas Casserole
  Butter Bars
  Butterscotch Crumble
  Calico Cabbage Slaw
  Carrot-Pineapple Salad
  Cheesy Drop Biscuits
  Chicken Dish
  Chicken Rice Casserole
  Chili Relleno
  Chocolate Pie
  Chop Suey Casserole
  Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies
  Clam Chowder
  Congo Bars
  Cottage Cheese Patties
  Cottage Enchiladas
  Crab Dip
  Crab Puffs
  Cranberry-Nut Coffee Cake
  Cream Tacos
  Date Nut Spread
  Easy Casserole
  Exotic Chicken Salad
  Five Cup Fruit Salad
  Friendly Tea
  Frozen Fruit Salad
  Green Bean Casserole
  Fruit Torte
  Grenadine Pomegranate
  Hamburger Bean Casserole
  Hawaiian Salad
  Honey Chicken
  Honey Milk Balls
  Hot Broccoli Dip
  Jiffy Cobbler
  Lemon Pie
  Lime Jello Salad
  Marvelous Mostaccioli
  Mayonnaise Cake
  Mom's Peanut Butter Fingers
  More Hamburger Casserole
  My Best Fudge
  My Own Chili
  Never Fail Pie Crust
  Orange Gingerale
  Orange Supreme Cake
  Oriental Casserole
  Pasty Pies
  Pineapple Pie
  Peanut Butter Candy Bars
  Portuguese Bean Soup
  Pot Roast Diablo
  Pound Cake
  Pumpkin Bread
  Rainbow Cookies
  Quick Salad Dessert
  Red Velvet Cake
  Rice Dish
  Salmon Party Ball
  Salmon Stew
  Sauce Ala Rus
  Sparkling Punch
  Scalloped Ham Casserole
  Sweet Sour Chicken
  Texas Cake
  Tomatoes Italian
  Tropical Fruit Drink
  Vableek's Chocolate Cake
  Wheat Germ Biscuits
  Your Favorite Fish
  Zucchini Bread

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